Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Reversing the Decline

Camelot's contractor repairs broken windows at No.21
In 2005, Madryn Street was home to a happy, functioning community with satisfaction rates above the Liverpool average. When first surveyed about plans to redevelop the street 35 residents opposed demolition with only 1 coming out in support. Since then the council has acquired and emptied the properties through its agent 20/20 and with the collusion of the social landlord Plus Dane. As more and more houses were tinned up, the satisfaction rates fell, until the council finally got the survey results it wanted, and the houses were condemned. The whole process of decline (subsidised with millions of pounds of public money) was initiated and skilfully managed by the council in order to justify its plans to demolish the houses and sell the land to the developer Gleeson Homes.

But it seems, at last, the decline is being reversed. SAVE Britain's Heritage, with the help of the property management company Camelot, has started work repairing No.21 Madryn Street. For just £2,000 the house has been made secure and habitable. Broken windows have been repaired and a new front door fitted. Inside, the house has been cleaned, plumbing renewed and hot water restored. Two house guardians will soon be in residence.

Camelot signs mark the building out as secure

Broken windows at the rear are replaced

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