Monday, 13 June 2011

Safe and Secure

We've just received these photographs from Camelot, the firm who are now managing the SAVE house at 21 Madryn Street. The house may not represent the height of luxury, but it is now clean and habitable. There has been a slight delay on the appointment of house gardians, but all looks set for occupation over the next few days. The Camelot team, led by Tony Brennan, are doing a great job. We could not be in safer hands.

This following comment on SAVE's success in attracting occupiers through Camelot has just been emailed to us by a housing specialist and supporter: 'It completely demolishes (if you'll excuse the term) the council's low-demand rationale for demolition. It's probably the only time in the last few years that anybody has actively tried to let a property in the Welsh streets, and therefore the best and most up to date measure of demand. It's powerful stuff.'

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